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Suggest Price Extension

Suggest Price is a clever add-on that, in a nutshell, lets customers and visitors to your online store suggest a price for each product. Magento stores which are offering products on end-of-season sale or similar offers can clear their inventory quickly by making use of the Suggested Price feature. It also works ideally when you need to use promotional pricing for new and untested products.
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Magento 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

  • Customers feel valued when you solicit their advice on the most crucial component of your business—the price of your products.
  • Provides customers the most competitive market prices.
  • An improved & stable relation to online shop avoids any pointless online findings anywhere else for your customers.
  • Perfect way to determine prices for end-of-line products.
  • Prices can be suggested by both registered users and guests.
  • Email confirmation of & to customers and guests.
  • Keeps customers returning to check for reduced prices.

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