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Reward Point Management Extension – an ever accurate marketing endeavor onto your Magento Store, by enabling your site visitors to earn Reward Points on their site purchase and for their various site involvements such as signing up the store for the first time, reviewing the products, referring the products to friends etc.; the customers are offered specially set discounts on rates – such as an encouraging buyers’ recurring site visit time to time.

Admin has a prevailing control over this functionality and can activate or inactivate allowing the reward points on various sorts of site involvements as mentioned above. The module provides huge opportunities for any ecommerce site owners to allow such facility to their site visitors and in turn to get their possible site entries as much as possible by their direct or indirect site presence.

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CE 1.4.x to 1.9.x

  • Largely boosts the store sale by enabling the site consumers to reward points, along with special discount prices
  • With customers having earned their rewarded points (e.g. on first time site sign-up or newsletter subscription), the site would get their stimulated site occurrence, making their targeted products as much noticeable as possible to them throughout
  • Rewards the earned points into customers’ account at time, set by the admin (e.g. 0 day or 1 day for allowing the points to go into account etc.)
  • Discounted rates are calculated considering the substantial total/subtotal of points awarded to customers, and the slightest point criteria is to set according to the discounts offered
  • Allowing customers to earn reward points on their site reviews & ratings to site products encourages their more involved site presence
  • Overall inspires customers’ repetitive visits as well as booming visits from a new group of visitors again and again
  • The Reward Point Facility can easily be made active or inactive from backend as per requirements raised by the customers and shop owner as well
  • On first time site registration by them onto the store
  • On newsletter subscription
  • On any product reviews (following an approval by an admin)
  • On referring the site products to friends or other contacts
  • When referred products are purchased by someone
  • On any product purchase by themselves
  • With the Reward Points awarded to them, they can then redeem them through their preferred purchases hereafter. A tab for “Reward Points” within their account shows them the points available with them as well as their old transactional history performed.

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