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The Question Answer Magento extension allows customers of a web store to raise questions or doubts about various products, including features, prices and delivery options. A designated customer service agent or the site administrator or a subject expert can answer these questions as and when they come up. Thus, an essential support / customer service function is performed instantaneously at practically no cost the store owner.
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CE 1.4.x to 1.9.x

  • Everyone can see (optional) questions asked and published answers on the product page. Thus, multiple and potential customers can benefit from each other.
  • Eases the load on the help-desk by anticipating and pre-empting problems and providing a detailed substitute to FAQs.
  • Full knowledge of the products’ usage, features and characteristics become available online.
  • Quicker and to-the-point responses to problems and queries.
  • The store owner gets a clear idea of all issues or ambiguities for their products.
  • Users get on-the-spot solutions, which leads to an increased customer satisfaction.
  • Personal e-mail facility to the questioner allows descriptive or confidential clarifications.
  • A great and open-ended alternative to product reviews.
  • Increases your sign-ups as users would have to login to ask relevant questions.
  • Administrators can add questions and answers for better marketing and enhanced information dissemination.

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