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Single Login for All websites Extension

Single login for All Wesbite Magento extension enhances user login with single page for Multiple websites on single Magento installation. Customers redirects to their respective websites once they logged in. This powers one login for Multiple Websites on single magento. One of the good Magento modules for multiple websites running on single magento which share customers or not. Saves time for users where they navigate to second url and then login

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Magento 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

  • Multiple store owners can ease their users by simply providing a great interconnectivity to their websites.
  • Eliminates time duration for the customers for login to their respective sites.
  • Reduces user’s round trips to different websites and automatically brings them to their respective site.
  • Avoids any human error while they are on different login pages – an increased chance for a higher customer reach.
  • Facilitates users with Single Login For Multiple Websites.
  • Works with shared customers or separate customers.
  • On having logged in to any one website, customers can get redirected to their respective websites.
  • Asks for your choice of website login even though registered with the same email address and same password for more than one website.

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