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The News Management Magento Extension outstandingly allows your Magento Store to have the News of various sorts – by News Title, News Summary, Full News Contents, News Time, Author, Source, Relevant Images etc. This News Module is rather referred to as being the Blog Page in any Magento Store, full of information and knowledge. The site admin can also allow the site visitors/users to submit their comments with them being navigated to a full News Page – A complete facility to display preferred information to your site viewers and to promote your site popularity as well.
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CE 1.4.x to 1.9.x

  • Users can view the comments on the “News View Page”
  • Users can also post their comments accordingly
  • Viewers can print the news/articles for their future reference
  • Viewers can also see the newly published news articles displayed on page
  • Admin set News Contents, News Summary, Time Created At, Author, Source etc.
  • Admin can adjust the limit on number of news to be displayed
  • Relevant News Images can be set/reset with favored widths and heights along with the News Summary View
  • News Post Date, Post Time, Author name can be hid from backend
  • Admin can allow site visitors/users to post their comments and then can also regulate or prohibit the number of comments to be displayed
  • Meta Data setting for each News Page offers a smart page optimization for search engines to recognize the page and list them to the search queries clicked on search bars over them.
  • An admin can choose the site or store (according to languages set on site) where he wants to display the news on
  • Admin can List / Add / Update / Delete this functionality

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