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The MavenStore Mini-Cart module is an extension that provides a great ease-of-use enhancement to customers’ shopping experience—it gives them a convenient option to view the products they’ve selected so far and go to checkout directly from any page in your store.

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CE 1.4.x to 1.9.x

  • With MiniCart Extension, buyers are constantly aware of their purchases and remain informed & focused of the total cost of their purchases.
  • Store discounts through coupon codes are also displayed immediately.
  • Navigation becomes simpler and fewer clicks are required for checkout; a great peace of mind to your customers!
  • Products added to the cart by the visitor are displayed in the “MiniCart Block” on relevant pages. This reduces the need of an extra navigation to main shopping cart page.
  • Quantity and price of the products is also displayed.
  • MiniCart is an instant update and displays quantity of added products that enables shoppers to proceed transparently toward checkout.
  • Products added in “MiniCart Box” can easily be removed.
  • If a customer goes to checkout and selects a shipping method, and then proceeds to visit other pages, the delivery charge is also updated.
  • Store discounts are enforced through coupon codes that can be entered in a box in the MiniCart itself.

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  • 7+ years of extensive experience

  • Actual prices with no hidden costs

  • Adjustable licensing

  • Ongoing post-sale support

  • The value of investment

  • Comprehensive demo

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