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Mass Shipment Create Extension

The MavenStore Mass Shipment module enables web shop administrators to approve shipments of multiple orders en-masse. This is an addition to Magento’s extensive ecommerce store administration facility. The Mass Shipment extension greatly reduces the time required for order processing in online purchases.
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  • Allows Users to have multiple shipping assignments for many orders at once; slashing down the time required in individual shipping for each product.
  • Customers get faster and more efficient Product Delivery due to its single & quicker creation of shipments for a wide range of miscellaneous orders.
  • Enhances an easier & quicker scheduling of multiple shipments.
  • Facilitates an administrator by avoiding a creation of individual shipment for each order.
  • Simplifies administration tasks in Magento Admin Panel.
  • Enables simultaneous shipment clearance for a large number of orders with similar characteristics.

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