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Fast Checkout Extension

The Fast Checkout module stores and loads the default billing/shipping addresses and payment method saved by customers. Visitors to your site only have to enter their desired billing and shipping addresses the first time they purchase something. On all subsequent instances, the MavenStore Fast Checkout module will load the details saved in your store database.
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CE 1.4.x to 1.9.x

  • Customers have to enter the details only once for future reference.
  • If needed, the details can be changed at the time of checkout for each purchase.
  • Non-registered store visitors can use this module without registering.
  • The checkout process is faster, easier and more intuitive.
  • The module provides an improved and speedy checkout method to Magento stores, drastically reducing the number of checks (and therefore, clicks) required by the store customers.
  • Extensive checkout management.
  • This little but often overlooked functionality goes a long way towards increasing your sales.
  • Easy to install and use.

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