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Magento Module | Banner Management Extension

The Banners extension lets you display image banners of various sizes in various positions throughout your Magento online store. The main advantage is that you get a great advertising platform without having to be proficient in web programming or HTML. Moreover, you are in complete control over the size and placement of these ads.

Benefits to customers

  • Ecommerce stores with a stack of advertising or promotional plethora on their stores can simply avail the benefit of this module.
  • Your marketing banner integrated well with page contents can greatly be optimized by search engines; hence dragging numbers of customers onto your site.
  • More customer traffic by means of various promotional banners, sponsored links through your site.
  • Links to informational or revenue-generating pages with the help of banners.
  • Avoid any uncertain online promotional or sale campaigns without much ado.

Feature List

  • Allows an access to unlimited banners on CMS page.
  • Displays banners onto the preferred positions on your web pages.
  • Controls various size of banner images.
  • Precise Banner Management from admin panel.
  • Offers a proper banner allocation to the current page.
  • Automatically sets the banner resizing according to the size of the webpage.

How it Works

Banner Management Extension

Screen Shots

Banner Management Extension

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