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50+ Best Magento Extensions and Modules, popular amongst hundreds of store owners and developers worldwide. Highly customizable, downloadable and easy to install with Magento eCommerce store: Safe and Secure Payment Gateways, Fast Checkout, Custom Widgets, Marketing Extensions, Customer Care, Product Management, Shipping and Logistics with several other affordable Magento Extensions - greatly compatible with Magento editions and all the latest store versions!

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  • Most Tagged Extension

    Most Tagged presents you with ideal information on what your customers are saying about your products.
  • Most Sold Extension

    The Most Sold extension automatically displays a list of your store's best selling products, thereby giving you essential data about your most revenue
  • Most Reviewed Extension

    Those products which are talked about and which the customer makes an effort to review are the ones on which you should concentrate.
  • Most Rated Extension

    The popular products in your site will be rated by many of your visitors. This gives you an idea of which products are potential best-sellers.
  • Clearance Extension

    Clearance Discount displays as an attribute in the Admin Panel. You can set a discount percentage on clearance items and these go on to display on the
  • Great Offers Extension

    The Great Offers extension shows all your discounted items in one place. It also gives you the option to sort your offers according to the extent of t
  • Offer Manager Promotional Extension

    • Offer Manager Module is uses to create offers and to display the products which are under the applied rule.
    • Easy to make offers an
  • Mail To Friend Extension

    In these days of viral marketing and social media, the nifty little Mail to Friends add-on gives you an essential new-age marketing and branding funct
  • Banner Management Extension

    The Banners extension lets you display image banners of various sizes in various positions throughout your Magento online store. The main advantage is

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