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50+ Best Magento Extensions and Modules, popular amongst hundreds of store owners and developers worldwide. Highly customizable, downloadable and easy to install with Magento eCommerce store: Safe and Secure Payment Gateways, Fast Checkout, Custom Widgets, Marketing Extensions, Customer Care, Product Management, Shipping and Logistics with several other affordable Magento Extensions - greatly compatible with Magento editions and all the latest store versions!

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  1. Product File Upload and File Catalog Extension

    Product file upload catalog Magento Extension provides feature to add multiple file for products which user can download and review later. Any pdf, word, excel, powerpoint presentation, zip file can be uploaded from Admin. Single file catalog search is available where users can find all files at one place and search for files by file name or product name. Useful for the product catalog, presentation which user can download and review later.

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  2. iVeri Payment Gateway Extension
    The MavenStore iVeri payment method extension supports Nedbank South Africa, Namibia, I&M Bank Kenya and CBZ Bank Zimbabwe: MagentoCRUX iVeri Payment module handles customer purchases made through credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and others and supports South African currency (ZAR). This extension is the only iVeri gateway module available for web stores running on Magento. This Magento addon gives you a truly pan-African payment method for your web shop. Learn More

  3. Single Login for All websites Extension

    Single login for All Wesbite Magento extension enhances user login with single page for Multiple websites on single Magento installation. Customers redirects to their respective websites once they logged in. This powers one login for Multiple Websites on single magento. One of the good Magento modules for multiple websites running on single magento which share customers or not. Saves time for users where they navigate to second url and then login

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  4. Europa Sports API - Feed Integration Extension

    Europa Sports API Feed Integration Magento extension provides facility to import all Europasports feed data to Magento. This also updates data regular basis for stock, price, information changes. Europa Sports product feed magento module is third-party magento plugin which acts as bridge between Europa Sports and Magento. This module sends order information to Europa Sports. This magento module automatically create configurable products based on the Europa Sports feed data. There are many other features as well.

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  5. Fast Checkout Extension
    The Fast Checkout module stores and loads the default billing/shipping addresses and payment method saved by customers. Visitors to your site only have to enter their desired billing and shipping addresses the first time they purchase something. On all subsequent instances, the MagentoCRUX Fast Checkout module will load the details saved in your store database. Learn More

  6. News Management Extension
    The News Management Magento Extension outstandingly allows your Magento Store to have the News of various sorts – by News Title, News Summary, Full News Contents, News Time, Author, Source, Relevant Images etc. This News Module is rather referred to as being the Blog Page in any Magento Store, full of information and knowledge. The site admin can also allow the site visitors/users to submit their comments with them being navigated to a full News Page – A complete facility to display preferred information to your site viewers and to promote your site popularity as well. Learn More

  7. Reward Point Extension

    Reward Point Management Extension – an ever accurate marketing endeavor onto your Magento Store, by enabling your site visitors to earn Reward Points on their site purchase and for their various site involvements such as signing up the store for the first time, reviewing the products, referring the products to friends etc.; the customers are offered specially set discounts on rates – such as an encouraging buyers’ recurring site visit time to time.

    Admin has a prevailing control over this functionality and can activate or inactivate allowing the reward points on various sorts of site involvements as mentioned above. The module provides huge opportunities for any ecommerce site owners to allow such facility to their site visitors and in turn to get their possible site entries as much as possible by their direct or indirect site presence.

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  8. Europabank Magento Payment Extension

    The MagentoCRUX’s Europabank magento payment extension exceptionally brings your Magento eCommerce store quite an integrated payment gateway with all the financial transactions held between your store and the Europabank. This module supports online shopping through credit cards of Europabank that is widely present throughout Europe. It is a merchant plug-in software extension, mainly intended to enable 3D-Secure verifications for clients’ payments, avoiding any possible credit card scams. This module is applicable to European Countries, especially countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherland.

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  9. No Stock Notification

    MagentoCRUX’s No Stock Notification Extension greatly enables the store-owners to allow their site visitors to notify the products that they find Out of Stock on site; sending them an email of acknowledgment stating that they would get updated once the products are restocked. With the products being restocked at any time in future, those visitors would then be sent a message uttering that the products are now available – Your customers do not actually have to come back on site and check whether the products are replenished or not; they would just know it – yes, with this Magento module!

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  10. Wire Transfer Payment Gateway Extension
    The MagentoCRUX Wire Transfer Magento module is a payment method that enables transfer of funds through wire transfer or direct deposit to your bank account. The client or shopper gets wire instructions by email and the subsequent payment is recorded just as any other payment. Learn More

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