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  • Magento Customization and Configuration

    Delight your customers by aiding them to simplify and enjoy their shopping experience with adapted functionality. We offer Magento website development services as well as Magento themes, extensions and modules that are tailored to your e-commerce needs. Magento Customization and Configuration
  • Magento Installation, Upgrade & Support

    We can assist you to install Magento on your web server or for a smooth upgrade to a newer version of Magento / PHP. We also provide options for continued maintenance, tuning and tweaking of your website for the duration of your choice. Magento Installation, Upgrade & Support
  • Custom Magento Extension Development

    Magento extensions are a group a files packed together to extend the functionality of your shopping cart or online store. Customized development of Magento extensions for your store helps you provide personalized and differentiated services to your clients. Custom Magento Extension Development
  • Custom Magento Theme Development

    Developing robust and extensible stores with appropriate Magento themes and templates is our specialty. We can customize Magento skins and themes according to your requirements and your business preferences. Custom Magento Theme Development
  • Online Store Migration to Magento

    Though there are umpteen ecommerce platforms that cater to online stores and give customers a plethora of options, Magento has gained the interest of web developers and retailers across the globe because of its versatility, flexibility and sheer number of options available. Online Store Migration to Magento
  • Magento Site Hosting Solutions

    Host your Magento / PHP website on dedicated and high-performance servers to ensure speed, reliability and zero downtime. Get full access to server applications and databases of your choice and an extensive control panel for ease of use. Magento Site Hosting Solutions
  • Store Data Magento Migration

    You may want to migrate to Magento from a less flexible platform / framework. We can facilitate smooth and error-free migration of data from a variety of platforms including osCommerce, CRE Loaded, Zen Cart, Pinnacle Cart, X-Cart, CubeCart, xt:Commerce and osCMax to your current store to Magento. We can import all your products and catalogs and configure rules as per your existing store. Store Data Magento Migration
  • Magento Store Design and Development

    Use our experience to set up, configure and run a successful e-commerce operation. Our Magento eCommerce development services will take care of the details in layout, product categorization and promotion of your store. Magento Store Design and Development
  • Magento Store Management

    Outsource your store administration and rest assured of professional back-end management including timely changes to business rules, product updates, code fixing and accurate data entry. Magento Store Management
  • Magento SEO Services

    It is very important to make your Magento coding SEO friendly so that your website can gain high rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo! We can help you with sitemaps, news releases, online press rooms, blog marketing, product forums, and social media publicity with sustained analytics and reporting of all these. View more about Magento SEO Services
  • Hire Dedicated Magento Developers (on-site or off-site)

    We make it easy for you to hire a dedicated Magento developer to work for you full time to keep customizing, updating, and optimizing your website online. This will greatly aid you in product support and instant customer service. Hire Dedicated Magento Developers

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