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Europabank Magento Payment Extension

The MavenStore’s Europabank magento payment extension exceptionally brings your Magento eCommerce store quite an integrated payment gateway with all the financial transactions held between your store and the Europabank. This module supports online shopping through credit cards of Europabank that is widely present throughout Europe. It is a merchant plug-in software extension, mainly intended to enable 3D-Secure verifications for clients’ payments, avoiding any possible credit card scams. This module is applicable to European Countries, especially countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherland.

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CE 1.4.x to 1.9.x

  • The Europabank MPI aims at providing the safest and the most effective payment method, thus encouraging the customers to have repetitive purchases from the store
  • Credit card details are straightaway inputted on the Europabank-hosted gateway form, leaving the customers worry-free so far
  • Details of items purchased are stored onto an Europabank MPI Administrative account too
  • Such Magento-based payment module that makes the purchases performed on your eCommerce store safer and more comfortable, well adapting with transactional phases handled by Europabank and the store
  • The transaction process through this MPI is much protected including various steps like - payment data collection, data submission and responses to customer - retaining Europabank effectively an apparent.
  • The module supports English, Dutch and French translations to both customers’ and clients’ ends.
  • MPI identifies customers’ account number, sends a request to card issuer (Visa, MasterCard, or JCB International) server to confirm card registration in a 3D-Secure program, getting back a web site address on (Access Control Server), if spotted through
  • Card verification will require the card issuers to uphold their ACS via username and password; allowing the ACS to trace appropriate result, if a success or failure. Signature will then go through customer’s browsers and finally to the MPI. The ACS signature is verified by this module, deciding upon whether or not a transaction is going to be proceeded
  • The module deals in a great compliance with PCI/SSL requirements
  • There is no requirement of any additional secure server for order form
  • Users are directly redirected to Europabank’s secure Payment gateway-hosted payment form (along with 128-bit SSL data encryption)
  • On filling the credit card details on (MPI-hosted) payment form, the users will then be redirected to a receipt page that is an MPI hosted.
  • Credit card details are directly entered onto a gateway form hosted by Europabank only
  • Offers comfortable installation and configuration with your Magento store, along with inclusive backend support
  • It does not require a hosting through a secure domain to use Europabank MPI.

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