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An indispensable choice for stores selling books, DVDs, movies and offering software downloads among others. The Editors Pick module allows selected display of flagship or vital products by setting a simple attribute in the Magento Admin Panel.
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CE 1.4.x to 1.9.x

Convenient Admin Configuration:

  • An automatic display of a “Tab” on your ecommerce store home page.
  • The “Editor’s Pick” tab name can be easily renamed.
  • Displays recommended expert products as well.
  • Products listed under the “Tab” can either be displayed horizontally or vertically.
  • Top Link and Footer Link for the Editor’s Pick product page are generated automatically from backend.
  • A “Tab” can conveniently be enabled and disabled on an as needed basis.
  • Can allow a product display in numbers as per your choice under the Editor’s Pick tab.
  • The Editor’s Pick Extension can be applied to an unlimited number of products.
  • Can customize the display of “Editor’s Pick” tab on a webpage of your choice from an admin panel.
  • Can also display an icon named “Editor’s Pick” on the respective product image, which is easily accessible from an admin panel.
  • Easy and speedy installation.
  • Intuitive way for customers to locate the concerned products.
  • Extension can be called as a CMS Block or an independent CMS Page.

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