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Deltavista Credit check Extension

Magento store merchants in Switzerland, Germany and Austria who use DeltaVista credit checking will find that the MavenStore DeltaVista DSPOne DVA Check extension is ideal for their needs. The objective of this module is to check credit for customers from these three countries. It will verify address, telephone and company name entered by the user and give one of these signals: Green, Yellow and Red. A payment method is selected based on the colour of the signal.
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CE 1.4.x to 1.9.x

  • Customers get a choice of payment methods based on their credit ratings.
  • Customers do not have to enter their details every time as the DeltaVista decision is stored in the system.
  • Instant confirmation of transaction and payment.
  • Extensive credit check management for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Quick and detailed credit checking facility.
  • Customer’s credit checks and management for European customers are facilitated through DeltaVista only.
  • The system can also store the DeltaVista decision if needed.
  • Logging enabled.
  • Company can be checked as well as individual.

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